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Privacy Policy

Last revised on February 24, 2023

BellaPass provides membership website services and will be known as "We", "Us" and "Our". The privacy of our users is as important to us as it is to them. While navigating the network or website(s) and going through the registration process users may provide personal information about themselves, so we developed this policy to protect user privacy.

Only adults who are at least 18 years old (21 years old in some jurisdictions) may navigate, purchase a membership or use any of the BellaPass websites. All other persons under this age must leave the site immediately.

What is collected
By navigating the network or any of the sites, signing up our sites or communicating with the our Tech Support department, we collect information provided such as name, email, zip, payment method details, IP address and login details (username and password). If users send personal correspondence via email or tickets, this information will be maintained as a record of correspondence.

By signing up with personal information or by the continued use and browsing of our network and/or site(s) users are consenting to our processing of said information, communication with and analysis of the information provided.

Why We Collect this Information
We use this information to provide users access to our network and/or site(s), to process user authorized payments, communicate receipts, troubleshoot problems, resolve disputes, enforce any agreements or policies, and to facilitate viewing of our network and/or site(s). We may use the information collected to improve marketing, analyze site usage, customize site layout and provide information about our network and/or site(s) to its users.

All personal information regarding users will be encrypted and retained in a secure manner. Any payment method details (i.e. credit card details) will only be retained for two (2) years after the last date of being processed or after it has expired, whichever is later and this is handled by ccbill.com at all times.

Who May Receive User Information
At no time will we sell or trade your information or email address with any party. At no time will we spam your email or send things via mail to your home address.

We may disclose information collected if required by law, court order or other governmental authority.

In the event of a change of ownership (merger, acquisition, sale of assets) We reserve the right to transfer all user information collected in connection with our network and/or site(s) to such separate entity.

Your Rights
Users may NOT opt out of receiving emails regarding account details such as responses to questions or membership purchase receipts. Users must directly contact CCbill if they wish to cancel their membership at https://support.ccbill.com

Users have the right to withdraw their consent to processing the personal information necessary to provide access to our network and/or site(s) (such as debiting their payment method, streaming or downloading video and images, interacting with the website as a member). Users must contact CCbill Client Relations by telephone, email or chat to withdraw this consent. Please note this will remove all access to our network and/or site(s).

Users have the right to change their payment method where applicable (for example if their credit card expired or they wish to change the credit card associated with their Membership)

Users who wish to make a change other personal information (rectification) must create a new membership. Such users are solely responsible to cancel the initial membership they wanted to change when creating a new membership. That should be done at https://support.ccbill.com

Users have the right to complain to the supervisory authority in their country

Cookies are pieces of information generated by web servers and stored on the computer or device used to access and surf websites for future access. our network and/or site(s) uses cookies which are essential to the operation of the site in order for users to view the content. Other cookies include analytical cookies which monitor the performance of our network and/or site(s) and help Us provide better products or identify areas needing maintenance. Tracking cookies are used in relation to those who help promote our network and/or site(s). Functional cookies are helpful to record user preferences when returning to our network and/or site(s); for example, they are used to remember the scenes or photos stored in a favorites' folder or the preferred language to use when navigating our network and/or site(s) and to provide features such as 1-Click purchasing. Finally, advertising cookies or third party cookies may be used to provide specific advertising to users which We believe are relevant to user interests. Please note We cannot control cookies placed on your computer or device by third party advertisers.

How to control cookies
Users are not obligated to accept cookies and browsers can be modified to refuse cookies. users may also delete cookies. If all cookies are refused, many websites may not function properly, including Ours. It is possible to modify browser settings to only accept cookies with consent before each cookie is placed on the computer or device used. This provides more control over what is placed on the computer or device, however it may slow down the web experience.

Assistance in managing cookies may be found through the following browser links, choose a corresponding browser from the list and follow the instructions

Please remember disabling or refusing cookies may lead to many services on our network and/or site(s) being unavailable

We take reasonable precautions against external threats to maintain security of any information obtained from and about users, and to protect against the loss, misuse and alterations of information under Our control. Our third party payment processors provide users with a secure web page through which billing information is submitted when purchasing a membership.All personally identifiable information held by Us is stored in a secure location (behind a firewall with limited administrative access).

user login information must be protected by the user. We advise all users NOT to share username or password details with anyone as this will instantly compromise and close your account. It is the user's responsibility to keep password information confidential. A user's account may be deactivated for abuse if We assess a user's login details have been used by someone other than the registered user to our network and/or site(s).

We encourage users to read their policies, terms and conditions as they are not the same as ours.

Personal information collected on and/or through our network and/or site(s) is stored and processed in Canada, the Netherlands or the United States. By using our network and/or site(s) users consent to any transfer of such information outside the country in which they reside or access our network and/or site(s) and to be bound by the laws of Canada or the United States - where personal information may be stored.

By using/navigating our network and/or site(s) users acknowledge they have read, understood and agree to be bound by this privacy policy and the terms and conditions of our network and/or site(s). Headings are for reference point only.

Any questions regarding credit card or other billing matters, please feel free to contact CCbill.com at https://support.ccbill.com